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Continuing Education Consulting

Our Mission

Welcome to Well Equipped version 2.0.
Our mission and vision remain as strong as ever but like a fine wine we have improved with age. We know what we do best and we are honing in. Proudly, our company has been inspiring the fitness industry since 2009.

We will continue to take you by storm and are committed to educating you, entertaining you, and motivating you.

Through online education ops, more blogging, greater social media presence - you will find us with ease.

Our mission at Well Equipped is to provide quality fitness education and industry consulting services. By connecting the best in the field, our impact is multiplied exponentially. Consider us a co-op of the most creative kind.

Our vision is to empower the people we meet to personally Be the Solution.™ - ultimately enhancing the health and happiness within the communities we touch.



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October  2014